About Us

Pikaron Construction Co.

Having started operation in the construction sector in 1995, PIKARON Construction & Contracting Co. Inc. has expanded its own range of skills and expertise within the industry by constructing and installing water and wastewater treatment plants along with pipelines, oil field facilities, buildings, roads and bridges.

With a long history of experience in the water treatment market PIKARON offers everything from emergency water supply to conventional treatment processes. PIKARON aims to be one of the world's leading water and wastewater treatment companies. PIKARON provides the most comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services for reclamation and reuse of water for industrial, institutional, commercial and municipal customers.

We are committed to the construction business, and stand behind every project, large or small, with our word, our financial strength and our stability. With a history of over 19 years of experience, PIKARON has a proven track record of creating the most effective and appropriate solutions for any construction need and making sure those solutions work.